Benton County Real Estate And Community Information

Benton County is a small county located in the beautiful Willamette Valley. This county offers much for Oregon home buyers looking for a more rural lifestyle while still close to all that the state has to offer. It is located in between the major metropolitan areas of Salem and Eugene. Residents do not need to travel far, though, to find the amenities they need as there are great dining, retail, entertainment, and service facilities located in the tight knit communities within Benton County. There are also many stunning natural areas to explore throughout the year. Find the perfect equestrian property for you and your family in the great Benton County.



Parks and Recreation in Benton County

There are endless opportunities for outdoor recreation in Benton County. Benton County Natural Areas and Parks Department operates Parks and Recreational Facilities throughout the county. These parks offer a wide variety of amenities, including a disc golf course, playgrounds, horseshoe pits, hiking trails, natural areas, campgrounds, boat launches, softball fields, volleyball courts, and more. A favorite spot in Benton County is Oregon State University’s McDonald-Dunn Forest. This forest covers almost 11,250 between the eastern foothills of the Coast Range to the western part of Willamette Valley. A small portion of the Siuslaw National Forest is located within Benton County. This beautiful forest provides endless opportunities to explore and observe wildlife and partake in your favorite recreational activity in a stunning natural landscape.

Horse owners will find many great opportunities for riding in Benton County:

Bald Hill Natural Area (Corvallis) has designated trails for horses seasonally.

Fitton Green County Natural Area (Corvallis) allows horseback riding along its trails.

McDonald-Dunn Forest offers close to 8 miles of equestrian trails that range in topography and offer spectacular views of the area. The horse trails are Alpha Trail, Extendo, Uproute Trail, Homestead Trail, Lower Horse Trail, Upper Horse Trail, and Dan’s Trail.

Siuslaw National Forest has many designated trailheads for horseback riding.


Education in Benton County

There are 7 excellent public school districts located in Benton County. These districts educate students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade. For more information on the schools within these districts, please click on the links below.

Alsea School District | 301 South 3rd Street, Alsea

Central School District 13J | 750 South 5th Street, Independence

Corvallis School District | 1555 Southwest 35th Street, Corvallis

Greater Albany Public Schools | 718 Seventh Avenue Southwest, Albany

Harrisburg School District | 865 LaSalle Street, Harrisburg

Monroe School District #1J | 365 North 5th Street, Monroe

Philomath School District 17J | 1620 Applegate Street, Philomath


Health and Transportation in Benton County

Residents throughout Benton County have access to many excellent medical facilities. The major comprehensive hospital for the county is Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center (36 Northwest Samaritan Drive, Corvallis) which offers 24 hour emergency care as well as full inpatient and outpatient services. For those residents in need of immediate, non-emergency care in the Corvallis area, Samaritan Urgent Care Walk In Clinic – Corvallis (5234 Southwest Philomath Boulevard) is available. The Community Health Centers of Benton and Linn Counties provide family medical care for residents who live in the more rural communities throughout the county.

The major highways in Benton County are US Route 20 and Oregon Route 99W. These main thoroughfares connect the communities within the county to the larger transportation network located throughout Oregon. The city of Corvallis offers many Connecting Services via bus to the major cities and railway stations in surrounding counties for easier commuting for residents. The closest airport to Benton County is Eugene Airport (28801 Douglas Drive, Eugene). Located within an hour of the majority of cities within the county, this airport offers daily flights to major metropolitan areas in the western United States.