How it all began….

Working for several years with a busy Real Estate Team at Coldwell Banker in Eugene, Lisa Johnson realized there was a big gap in the area’s market the needed to be filled by a Broker that understands what’s important to rural property transactions and the amazing people involved in them.

In the summer of 2007, while representing the Buyers’ side of a country property sale, the Seller, Vaughn Scales noticed a strong work ethic and elevated level of attention to detail in Lisa. He explained it in one statement.

Calls and emails of appreciation came in as the community noticed marketing with a strong focus and flair that is all about “country”.

On August 13th, 2008, Horsepower Real Estate was officially registered with the Oregon Real Estate Agency and the State of Oregon.

In fall of 2010, no better affiliate could have been found to help build the Horsepower Real Estate name and hard working reputation than Peggy Kernan, a horse enthusiast and experienced Real Estate Broker in Salem.

Peggy and Lisa are excited to be contracting with additional Brokers in Oregon that share the same accelerated work ethic, the same level of professional expectations for themselves, and the same feeling of honor in being trusted and respected by such an incredible group of clientele.